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Workspace Wellbeing Programme

Discover my Wellbeing programmes to make Nutrition accessible and easy.


Workplace And Wellbeing
Can Be A Match.

Improve your employee's productivity, happiness and motivation by offering nutrition services.

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Evidence-based workshops were created to empower employees to healthy diets and support changes thanks to actionable tips.

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Individual nutrition consultation to help employees reach their goals with highly personalised support.

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Group coaching has been designed for employees who work on the same goal and will get motivation from the community.


Hello, I'm Lena

Plant-based Dietitian & Coach

Having spent 6 years working in investment banking and tech startups has helped me to understand the daily challenges of wellbeing in the workplace. 

However, performance, motivation and wellbeing can be a match and this is now becoming essential for employees. That's why I designed comprehensive Wellbeing Programmes built for the employees and the employers.

who am i


Discover my signature workshops designed for busy professionals. 

Workshops last 1 hour and include 15min Q&A. 

Workshops' content and format can be personalised. Please contact me for any specific request. 

How to eat more plants?

An evidence-based workshop to empower busy professionals to healthy and green diet by providing actionable tips to make sustainable changes.

Topics include:

  • Why should we eat more plants? 

  • Key nutrients for long-term health

  • How to make step-by-step changes

  • Easy actions to start at home and at work

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Workshop Benefits


Improve employee health & wellbeing


Increase motivation and productivity at work


Opportunity for team-building and engage with other teams

Let's Make Nutrition Easy and Accessible.

Improving our diet is a game-changer. Let's simplify it, make it fun and delicious.

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1:1 Clinic Days

Help your employees reach their goals thanks to a dietitian's support.

Coaching sessions include a nutrition assessment, the definition of a step-by-step plan and unlimited support.

Duration : 30min/person

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Group Coaching

Group coaching is a great opportunity for team building and to create a strong and engaged community of employees who are working towards the same goal.

Nutrition Coaching

Nutrition Coaching is a great perk to add to your Employee Wellbeing Programme.


I'm offering two coaching formats, 1:1 Clinic Days or Group Coaching so you can support your employee health and overall nutrition. 

nutriion coaching

Nutrition Coaching Benefits

Nutrition coaching can be scheduled a few days per month.

Get in touch to discuss your needs and any specific requirements.


Increase employee retention


Increase motivation and productivity


Advertise 'in-house' Dietitian


Improve employee wellbeing and happiness


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