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1:1 Private Coaching

Highly personalised coaching to support you in your plant-based journey.

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Draw your own plant-based journey.

Unlock your Mindset. Identify your Goals. Make it happen.

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This is the first step of your healthy journey!

Congratulations, you have decided to make a positive and sustainable change in your life!

Tired of struggling with your health and looking for a diet which is matching your past experiences with food, goals and beliefs?

Thanks to my coaching programme, we will draw together your plant-based journey based on a highly personalised method. It's the first step towards sustainable & positive nutrition and a better life.

Hello, I'm Lena

Plant-based Dietitian & Coach

As a Plant-based Dietitian & Coach, I've helped lots of clients define their own healthy and green diet and draw their own plant-based journey.


Whatever you are struggling with your health or want to eat more plants, we will define together your Personal Nutrition Strategy so you can reach your goals and make a sustainable transformation in your life. 

programme includes

My Coaching Programme

A strategic nutrition and mindset programme to help you eat more plants, become vegetarian, become vegan, to gain energy, confidence, lose weight and build sustainable habits

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Coaching Sessions

During coaching sessions, we will discuss your progress, difficulties, define your step-by-step plan and timeline to help you reach your goals. 

Duration : 45min/session

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Unlimited Support

You can contact me anytime outside of the coaching sessions by text, email or whatsapp.

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Get access to a lot of resources such as my 'All About plants' Ecookbook which includes more than 30+ easy and delicious plant-based recipes. You will also get meal planner and meal builder templates. 



Gain energy to go out, exercise or just relax


Lose some weight along your journey and make it sustainable


Gain confidence in your diet as you know how to overcome stressful situations  


Improve your digestion, sleep quality and energy levels


Increase your motivation and happiness 


Improving your diets is a game-changer for both professional and personal aspects of your life, This coaching programme will empower you to build your own healthy and sustainable habits so you don't have to worry anymore about your diet for years.

is it for you?

Is it for you? 

We all have personal reasons for wanting to make a change in our life. The key to your transformation will be to build sustainable healthy habits so you can stop worrying about your health for good.

Want to eat more plants

to gain energy, be healthy, fit and happy

Tired to struggle with your health

and you want to heal your relationship with food

Want to become vegetarian or vegan

for your health,  animals and the environnements

Want to give up restrictive diets

to finally find a lifestyle which suits you best


I met Lena the moment I needed help the most. I have been having trouble losing weight after starting working from home my routine changed completely and without noticing my eating habits went downhill. With that, my fibroid issues increased and after a blood test I've been told my Iron and Vitamin levels were low. Alongside the treatment, I started to re-learn good eating habits with the support of Lena, habits that are sustainable and so easy to follow. Thanks, Lena for the great support over the 8 sessions I totally loved it and I am looking for a follow-up appointment in the near future

- Tania


The Coaching Journey 

Nutrition coaching can be scheduled a few days per month.

Get in touch to discuss your needs and any specific requirements.

Step 1
Book your free introductory call

During the call, we will:

  • Review what your nutrition looks like and identify what you would like to change

  • Define your goals

  • Get to know each other, and identify how we can work together

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the oaching journey

Schedule your free call

This is the first step of your healthy plant-based journey

Got questions about the coaching programme or not sure it is the right fit for you? 

Schedule your free discovery call so we can discuss your goals, the support you need and assess if we can work together.

No commitment - No string attached so book your call today!

book your call
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